Download Sire Source Code

Latest Release

Sire undergoes continual development, with releases made periodically throughout the year representing the latest stable version. Here is the latest source release, with older releases linked below.

Older Releases

We always recommend that you use the latest version of Sire, as the volunteer nature of Sire means that it is unlikely that bugfixes for new releases will be backported to older versions. Here is the list of prior releases.

Installation (Linux and Mac, Modern Versions)

Sire can be compiled and installed on most Unix platforms. We have tested it extensively on different flavours of Linux and Mac OS X. Sire is entirely self-contained, depending only on a working (modern) C and C++ compiler, and the build system cmake. You will need to use at least version 3.0 or above.

Once you have a working C and C++ compiler, and a new enough version of cmake, unpack the downloaded source file using

tar -jxvf sire_XXX.tar.gz

Change into the resulting directory. Inside, you should find a file called Run this file using;


This will prompt you to enter the directory in which you want to install Sire. By default, this will be $HOME/ Once you have entered the directory, the script will then automatically download any dependencies and will compile and install Sire. If you have any problems, or the script fails, then please get in touch via the Sire users mailing list.

Installation (Pre-2016 versions)

Unpack the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the file called README.