Appendix: Sire Energy Visualizer Chimera plugin

We are developing a plugin for Chimera that simplifies the visualisation of the free energy decompositions that are calculated using Sire programs such as ligandswap and waterswap.

The plugin in under development, but a pre-release can be downloaded from here.

To install it, unpack this tarball into the share directory of your installation of chimera. Assuming that the environment variable $CHIMERA points to your chimera install, type;

cd $CHIMERA/share
tar -zxvf /path/to/EnergyVisualizer.tgz

This should place a directory called EnergyVisualizer into the share directory, together with all of the other plugins for chimera.

You can then test that this is working by starting chimera, e.g. by typing


and then starting the Sire Energy Visualizer plugin, by clicking Tools | Utilities | Sire Energy Visualizer.

If you can’t find this option, then the plugin is not installed correctly. If you want help, please join the Sire Users’ mailing list and request some help.

Also, please feel free to if you want to suggest a better name for the plugin than Sire Energy Visualizer :-)

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